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Our Programs

For 3 & 4 Year Old Kinder

At Eastmont we offer both 3 and 4 year old programs. We only offer programs during the set hours.


3 Year Old Program

At Eastmont our 3-Year-Old program provides children with a warm, secure and nurturing learning environment.  Children are invited to share in a variety of different learning experiences with their peers in a play-based environment.  


During our program we emphasise sharing, co-operation and being part of a group and learning through fun.  


Educators provide engaging learning environments in both indoor and outdoor play spaces, which allows children to extend their interests and develop their sense of confidence.


This all takes place within a warm, safe, relaxed and caring environment, allowing each child to develop in their own individual way with the support of expert early childhood educators.


In 2024 we will offer 15 hours of Pre-School each week for our 3 year-olds. This occurs over 2 long days on Wednesday & Friday.


4 Year Old Program

At Eastmont our 4-Year-Old program works with children to co-construct learning, through extending children’s interests, scaffolding learning based on each child’s individual needs.


Our 4-Year-Old class emphasis is on learning through cooperation, collaboration and play. Life skills that all children need.


Through engaging in developmental play and structured group learning children develop skills and dispositions to set them up for future learning success.  


Educators work with children to develop their sense of resilience, independence and self-help skills.


The reinforcement of routine and participation as part of a group are essential skills for the transition to school. Early literacy and numeracy skills are supported through a range of experiences, through formal group time learning and through extending on informal learning moments.  


Our educators also focus on developing motor skills, social skills and self-regulation skills to ensure that children are ready for the changes of transitioning to school.


In 2024 we will offer 15 hours of Pre-School each week for our 4 year-olds. This occurs over 2 long days.

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