• The above timetable is based on the number of children we expect to have enrolled at the end of the enrolment process and is subject to the Department of Education and Training funding. If the actual number is different or Department of Education and Training funding changes, or if deemed necessary by Eastmont Pre-School, the Pre-School reserves the right to change any part of the timetable.
  • 4yo children will attend either two long day sessions (7.5 hours – Possum Group) OR three shorter day sessions (5 hours – Koala Group) for a total of 15 hours a week:
    • Koala Group: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
    • Possum Group: Wednesday and Friday
  • 3yo children (Wombats) will attend two of the three sessions for a total of 5 hours a wee:k:
    • Group 1: Monday and Tuesday OR
    • Group 2: Monday and Thursday OR
    • Group 3: Tuesday and Thursday