Powerful Youth Projects 2018 – Water Wise

We would like to thank Junior Landcare Australia and Momentum Energy for awarding us a Powerful Youth Project grant to complete our very exciting Water Wise Project. We are very proud to have a committed compliment of staff and hands-on committee members who believe in sustainable practices and showing our children how to care and conserve our environment through daily practices of responsible interaction. We consider our environmental education to be ongoing through various initiatives such as our worm farm, compost and food waste recycling bins, veggie and fruit gardens, water conservation and recycling, weeding, planting and care for our indigenous birds – all of which include avid handsonparticipation.We believe it isthe small,meaningful initiativesthat we undertake that will help make our kinder anexample of environmentally sustainable work practiceswhere we reduce harm on the environmentand reduce wastage of resources.We are thrilled to be able to install a drip feed irrigation system tofurther enhance our beautiful gardensand micro conservation areason the grounds.

This has made a significant difference in managing and maintaining our growing projects. When asked what was your favourite part children responded by saying, “Helping to unroll the irrigation pipes and watching trenches dug and the drip feeders attached.”  “Now we can grow really big and juicy strawberries!”

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