Information for Parents

A full copy of Eastmont policies and procedures can be found in the foyer.


Here are a some friendly reminders for Eastmont parents:


* Be prompt at pick up time.

* Call staff if your child is absent for more than 1 session.

* Always say goodbye to your child when leaving.

* Term 1 & Term 4, please bring a broad brimmed sunhat & apply sunscreen.

* Term 2 & Term 3, please bring a coat & beanie.

* Label all clothing, lunchboxs and drink bottles.

* There is a Lost Property box located in the foyer.

* Pack a change of clothes in case of accidents.

* Fill drink bottle with water only.

* Take artwork home after each session.

* Kinder Duty is appreciated by a parent/caregiver once a term.

* Parents/caregivers are always welcome to stay & help, without notice.

* Please call if you can not attend your Kinder Duty.

* Make an appointment if you would like to speak with teachers in depth.

* Check you child’s pocket in the foyer regularly.

* Always sign your child in & out.

* Obey the parking signs in Frank Street.

* Observe the curriculum report and notice boards in foyer



* Don’t let the children of others out the Kinder gate.

* Don’t bring sick children to Kinder.

* Do not bring milk, eggs or any food which contains peanuts.

* Do not bring toys from home.

* No thongs, Crocs or gumboots.